Carson Holloway

March 11, 2013

Can a Murderer Find Pardon?

Can a murderer (or murderess) find pardon?  Can he (or she) forgive herself?  Are there still saints?  Can one serve one’s fellow human beings merely by
March 4, 2013

Is Celibacy a Sin?

Is celibacy a sin?  This question is posed by Walter Russell Mead at his blog.  Mead does not mean seriously to suggest that celibacy is a
February 27, 2013

Farewell, Pope Benedict

As Pope Benedict XVI resigns from his office it seems fitting to reflect on what he taught us.  An adequate appreciation of his contribution cannot be
February 26, 2013

Republicans for Same-Sex Marriage

The New York Times today has a story on certain relatively prominent Republicans who are coming out in favor of same-sex marriage.  According to the article
February 21, 2013

Thoughts on the Sequester Monster

I am not an expert on the federal budget, so everyone should take what I say here in the proper critical spirit.  Nevertheless, even the non-expert
February 20, 2013

Cardinal Arinze on the Pope’s Resignation

Here is a nice video of Cardinal Arinze talking about the Pope’s resignation.  He describes the reaction of the cardinals to the announcement and reflects on
February 16, 2013

Two Popes, Two Lessons, Two Acts of Courage

One is struck most immediately by the differences between the ends of John Paul II and Benedict XVI’s pontificates.  John Paul II chose to serve to
February 11, 2013

Thoughts on the Pope’s Resignation

My first thought on hearing of Pope Benedict’s decision to resign his office was one of gratitude for the service he has given the Church, both
February 4, 2013

Argentina Imposes Price Controls

According to this article, the government of Argentina is going to impose price controls on all supermarket products to try to break its runaway inflation.  This