Carson Holloway

September 23, 2015

Pope Francis’s Remarks at the White House

Today Pope Francis arrived in the United States.  Three things stood out to me in his remarks at the White House. First, the pope said that
September 21, 2015

Scott Walker Drops Out

The New York Times reports here that Scott Walker has suspended his campaign for the presidency.  This is too bad for Walker.  He is an able
September 17, 2015

Thoughts on the Republican Debate

Here are some thoughts on the Republican presidential debate the other night.  It was a long evening at three hours, so much more could be said.
September 14, 2015

Libertarianism’s Limited Appeal

For a long time I have heard that libertarianism is the wave of the political future, the coming force in American politics.  Maybe it will turn
September 8, 2015

The Meaning of Marriage and Freedom of Thought

The struggle over the meaning of marriage is leading to, or has perhaps already led to, a struggle over the freedom of the mind–freedom of thought
August 30, 2015

Joe Biden’s Confused Catholicism

The White House is getting ready for the September visit of Pope Francis to the United States, according to this AP article.  The article includes the
August 24, 2015

Can the Republicans Excommunicate Trump?

Can the Republican Party–and maybe the conservative movement–excommunicate Donald Trump?  I mean, of course, excommunicate him politically–cast him into the outer darkness beyond the Republican Party
August 23, 2015

Does Ashley Madison have Grounds to Complain?

As is now well known, somebody hacked into the website of Ashley Madison–an online firm that facilitates adultery–and then posted a lot of its information on
August 19, 2015

Edmund Burke on the Trump Rebellion

It turns out some of the great political thinkers can help us to understand the rise (so far) of Donald Trump.  As I observed the other